Our certifications and labels guarantee you excellent sealing performance (facing the air, water and wind), meeting the new energy saving standards and qualifying for the tax credit.

Logo PEFC Label PEFC
Certificat FSC Ets ROCHETTE J
Certificat PEFC Ets ROCHETTE J
Certificats PEFC bois MAURIS 2015-2019
Marquage CE Marquage CE
Certificat marquage CE
Label AEV Label AEV
Performances AEV porte-fenêtre 68mm
Performances AEV baie coulissante 68mm
Marquage CEKAL Marquage CEKAL
Cekal Sovedys
Certificat ACERMI
Responsabilité Civile Assurances
Attestations RC+ Décénnale 2018
Performance Isolation Thermique Performance isolation thermique
– Performances thermiques menuiseries 68mm
Performances thermiques menuiseries 78mm
Performances thermiques menuiseries 88mm
Conseils de pose Conseils de pose
et réglage des menuiseries bois
Conseils de pose