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Why Menuiserie Bérard?

Good reasons for having a career in our company

Our family-run business is farsighted and focused on its responsibilities. Currently there is a workforce of over 45 people striving to improve the quality of our products and services every day.
Experience gained from a long career and technical expertise are being passed down through the generations.


We use a variety of recruitment methods i.e. speculative applicants, cooption, recruitment ads. agencies etc. so that we receive candidates with diverse profiles and professional experience.


This may not be your background, but if you are motivated and willing to learn, you will find the in-house training of new employees is done by well qualified personnel who have been successful in their work and who have developed their skills and potential within the company.


You will be able to expand your job description in collaboration with your manager as your positionevolves.

Team work

Mutual respect and esteem are the necessary conditions for a convivial working atmosphere. We ensure that company management is based on partnership and open communication. This unique way of thinking is the grounding of your career and the base for our success.

Professional development

It is important to know that we prefer internal promotion taking into account your capability and role in the company. We encourage you to think about your personal development. Within our team everyone brings his or her key strengths contributing to the success of the company. Personal initiative, curiosity, team spirit and enthusiasm can also flourish in an efficient and responsible way.

Annual assessment interview

The annual assessment interview is an important part of your evolution in our company with the participation not only of your manager but also the management. The aim is to appreciate the overall performance of the employee as well as his or her skills, difficulties that may have been encountered and solutions to overcome them. In addition the interview is the occasion to fix a new objective for the year to come, taking into account the conclusions of the current one.

Conciliation of family and professional life

We are committed to reconciling family and professional life.


« Doors of the future are open to those who know how to push them »